So much more than a CRM

The last generation of customer relationship management tools focused on the cloud — we’re focused on what’s next. With machine learning and automation, we’ll help you get the most out of your relationships.

Opportunity management

Streamline your workflows and manage key relationships — all in one place

Staying on top of the people and companies that are vital to your firm is as easy as using a spreadsheet. Affinity is much more powerful than a spreadsheet — integrate with your email and calendar so you can see who your team has interacted with most recently, and who you haven’t heard from in a while.

You can easily filter and sort the people and organizations in your network in ways that are vital to your business. We help you segment and understand your greatest opportunities, plus any relationships that might be at risk.

Unanswered emails

Automatically detect emails that need a response so you never drop the ball on anything important

Using machine learning, we determine if you have received any notable emails that are awaiting a response. We also identify emails you sent that should have gotten a response so nothing important gets lost.


Ask deep questions about your network and priorities, in plain English, that you couldn’t answer otherwise

Answer any questions you have about people and organizations in your network — like who you should meet with during an upcoming business trip, which companies you met with last quarter, and much more. You finally have all of your firm’s knowledge at your fingertips.

Network intelligence

We recognize introductions and strong relationships so you know who’s most critical to your firm

Affinity analyzes your interactions with all of the people and companies your firm has ever come in contact with. At a glance, you can see who has made important introductions for your firm. You can even explore visualizations of all of your interactions to dig into the details of your relationships.

Automatic data capture

We integrate with your calendar, email, and more to take the work out of tracking your relationships

Never waste time manually tracking your interactions with people or companies. Affinity syncs with your email and calendar so you never have to dig through your inbox or ask your team to figure out what’s going on with a relationship.

Collaboration and reminders

Stay in sync with your team to manage relationships

Your whole team can access and share important information about your entire network. You can tag team members in notes and ensure you’re always on the same page.

You can use reminders to help everyone stay on top of the firm’s most important relationships. You can even set a reminder to follow up with a person or company if there’s a lull in activity.

Chrome extension and mobile

Your firm’s most important information in-context

Affinity works seamlessly with your email and existing workflows. You can access Affinity through your browser as well as Gmail so you have the most critical information about your relationships in context.

Mobile coming soon.

Unlock Hidden Opportunities in Your Network

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