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8VC uses Affinity to manage their expansive network of people, making sure their important relationships are getting their firm’s fullest attention.

Venture Capital

Affinity keeps us organized! As a CRM made for VCs, it is perfectly tailored to what we need. Cataloging all of our emails and grouping them by organization made it much easier to track contacts and deal flow. Affinity has integrated itself into our workflow.

Adam Struck

Managing Partner, Struck Capital

SciFi VC uses Affinity as their CRM of choice, managing their network, deal flow tracking, and helping organize due diligence.

Venture Capital

Affinity is hands down the most powerful tool I’ve found for managing my relationships. Period. Affinity is the supercomputer humming in the background that allows you to close more leads, provide insight you never had before into your network, and elevate important business relations, Go Affinity!

Miles Bird

Associate, Correlation Ventures

DCM uses Affinity to answer difficult, pressing questions relating to their network and operations.

Venture Capital

Affinity solves the cold-start problems that many other CRMs face and greatly speeds up several internal processes from deal sourcing to relationship management.

Yida Gao

Associate, New Enterprise Associates

Managing a fund with a team as lean as ours means we need software that lets us scale beyond our headcount. Affinity keeps us organized and helps make sure nothing slips through the cracks. We can't wait to see how the product continues to evolve.

Matt Mazzeo

Managing Director, Lowercase Capital

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