Empowering your professional relationships with insights and collaboration

Our Thesis

Relationships are the backbone of the world’s most valuable industries; they underlie sales, business development, venture capital, philanthropy, and more.

But actionable context about relationships remain hidden in the email and calendar streams of friends and colleagues. Nobody has the time to analyze or organize this exponentially growing trail of data. We provide the tools and intelligence to make it possible.

Our Goals

We aim to empower you to understand your professional relationships when and where you most need them, instantly and painlessly.

By structuring and contextualizing existing communication and work data, we generate actionable insights that show you exactly how your organization’s relational network is performing.

Bravely venture where none have gone before.

What we do

Relationship Intelligence

Receive timely updates on interactions and have access to powerful tools to manage your network.

Contextual Insights

Unlock the right relational insights at the exact moments you need them.

Intuitive Visualizations

Explore your relationships using interactive visualizations and discover hidden connections.

Powerful Alliances

Leverage the collective data of your networks to produce actionable, relevant and timely insights.

Our Team

Joe Lonsdale


Ray Zhou


Shubham Goel


Karthik Viswanathan

Software Engineer

Adam Perelman

Software Engineer

Bobby Zhang

Product Designer

Jason Kim

Operations Manager

Craig Dabney

Product Designer

Arzav Jain

Software Engineer

Andrew Luo

Software Engineer

Paul Martinez

Software Engineer

Josh Rosenberg

Business Development

Hansen Qian

Software Engineer

Shrey Gupta

Software Engineer

Krista Fryauff

Software Engineer

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