Your professional network is your most valuable asset

Leverage your network to see every great deal

Successful financial firms
  • Manage hundreds of relationships effectively
  • Prioritize their time with the right people
  • Work in sync across their organizations
Affinity makes it all possible
  • Organized

    We help you manage investment opportunities and key relationships all in one place.

  • Intelligent

    We use natural language processing to detect who is most critical to your firm and if any relationships are at risk.

  • Automatic

    We integrate with your calendar, email, and more to provide a firm-wide view into all of your relationships.

  • Insightful

    We help you segment and understand your network in any way that matters to you.

A collective intelligence platform for the 21st century

How 8VC uses Affinity to maximize value in their relationships

How DCM uses Affinity to answer difficult, pressing questions relating to their network and operations

Security is our top priority

In order to help you get the most out of your network, we ask for your email and calendar data — and we handle this responsibility with utmost care. We take all precautions necessary to ensure your privacy is respected and your information is secure.


Uncover insights that are sitting in your firm’s email

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