Affinity is the smart infrastructure to power network management for the 21st century enterprise.

Relationships are the backbone of the world's most vital industries. But managing them is far from a perfect science - and underlying tools and processes are broken. We're on a mission to change that.

Half of network management is still manual data entry and analysis: filling in cells, recording communications, constructing formulas - tasks that smart machines should make effortless.

Network management remains rooted in human memory and guesswork, rather than informed by a vast amount of data exhaust.

Technology should free us to focus on the human side of relationships, rather than managing the tools themselves.

What we value

Trust and integrity

We are first and foremost a privacy company. We champion nothing but trust and integrity of the highest standard - to both our customers and each other.


Take ownership! When you see a problem, set out to solve it. Voicing observations, thinking critically together to the best solution, executing, and winning: that is the Affinity playbook.

Team success

We believe in a whole greater than the sum of its parts - an Affinity team greater than the self. From decision making to personal ego, we ground ourselves in our constant pursuit of the team success.


A great product is built on top of empathy for its users, from design to engineering to customer success. A great team is no different: built on empathy for and among its team members.


Openness is as empowering a product value for our customers as it is an internal value for ourselves. To us, it means being unafraid to speak our thoughts, seek help from peers, or receive feedback with an open mind. We are all here to learn from and uplift each other.

Who we are

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